So far so good!*

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After years of threatening I have finally done it! Here is the long promised beginnings of my blog.

Now I’m sitting here staring at a blank screen wondering what it is exactly that I have been trying to say all these years. Funny how you can’t shut me up when I’m fighting for the floor, but give me an open and public platform, and it renders me at a loss for words, with nothing seemingly important to say. No deep philosophy to express in English today, perhaps gibberish is my new language?

I guess I could introduce what you can expect should you choose to follow this blog…

My inheritance from my dear departed Dad could be described as somewhat of a deep thinker trait. I do attempt to maintain light conversations however always seem to be pulled to go that step beyond. I have been told I have strong philosophies and perspectives, most of which I feel compelled to share. Insights regarding Human Nature, Faith, Parenting, Mental Health, Spiritual Reality and some of the the Internal Struggles that face many of us who set foot on this planet. I promised my Dad before he died, that I would try and share as much of what he tried to teach me with as many people as possible. His insights completely altered my perspective on every element in my life. I went from being an unaware, emotionally manipulative mess, to being very aware of myself and the mess that usually accompanies me. He also helped me gain the knowledge to clean the mess up and at times even prevent it.

Having had life experiences which could be described as phenomenal, life-changing and worth sharing, I find myself wishing to tackle these subjects, to dissect and better understand them, rather than let the world’s natural current drag me along without any resistance.

If you find yourself searching for a place where you can go that extra step, I hope you like it here, a place to expand the mind and open the gates to explore unfamiliar territory.

Hopefully we can stumble across something mind-blowing together!


  1. Talei Braban said,

    Love the first of what I know will be many fantastic blogs.. you have me hooked! you know i love when your at a loss for words. Its one of my favourite things about you. Usually you have enough to say for a room full xoxoxox love you and congrats on being brave and blogging xoxox


  2. Julie said,

    You lost for words, I find that highly unlikely i’m liking everything you have written so far, keep up the good work 🙂


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