A Poem of Christmas Woe*

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“Lilly sit still” My mother’s voice rings out

“I don’t want to” I say, as I punch and shout.

The fat jolly man on who’s knee I was sat

Thought it ok to give a soothing pat


But his touch didn’t soothe my flighty fight

In fact it didn’t feel quite right

And when I tried to sleep that night

The thought of him gave me an awful fright


I’d heard of Santa Claus and his right

To come into my home at night

Our security screens were in doubt

And wouldn’t keep this stranger out


My parents said “sleep” I must

For “Santa Claus we sure could trust”

But everything else they had taught before

Lay open in warning all over the floor


I knew I hadn’t done my best all year

So why were there so many presents here?

They told me he viewed me from all ranges

This proves I need to make no changes.


The kids at school told me it was all a lie

“My parents lied?” I wondered why…

So if that fat man they forced me to love

Wasn’t really watching from above

Perhaps there is no God there too

And why should I believe in you?


When I grew up and became a mum

I told my kids that was no fun

I wanted them to know I would tell no lies

Not of fairy’s or Santa or the bogey man’s flies


The birth of Christ is our Christmas story

A babe who came with hope and glory

His purpose here is losing impact

Diluted by a man with toys in his sack


I see these tricks now so much better

and it comes with the change of just one letter

Santa’s ‘N’ makes it’s way to the end

as Satan’s name is sure to offend


In a world so full of broken trust

A parent’s truth is a vital must

So before you tuck your kids in this eve

Be sure of what you make them believe




  1. Girl Please! said,

    Absolutely beautiful.


  2. julie said,

    so very true


  3. So true! Thanks for the gentle reminder. 🙂


  4. You are so right! Satan finds a counterfeit at Christmas and at Easter to draw people’s minds away from the true meaning of these holidays with ‘Harmless entertainment” but it is doing more harm than we realize. Especially in the lives of children who never attend a church and are never taught about Jesus the lover of their soul that they truly can trust. Over the years as a teacher I have encountered way too many children who don’t know that Christmas means something more than Santa and that Easter is not about the Easter bunny. Breaks my heart.
    Also your poem is very well written:) God Bless


  5. Love it!!! And well said!


  6. This is one part that I think the Jehovah’s Witnesses really get it right. We do celebrate Christmas and Easter with Santa and an Easter bunny, but we don’t use it as a bribing tool to make our son behave. It bothers me when people tell him they are going to “call Santa.” We teach him that the real meaning behind Christmas is the miracle of Jesus’s birth, and that Jesus died for us and was risen again so that we can have life in Heaven, and that’s what Easter is all about. We mix in some tradition, sure, but the gifts are never over the top, and we always give toys to charity at the holidays to focus on giving to others as well. I think he gets it pretty well. I know I grew up with Santa too, but I surely know what the true meaning of Christmas is, and I’m grateful and humbled by it every year.
    Beautiful poetry though!! I know my son was so scared of Santa at first (when he was 2), that we told him that he would just leave presents outside our door and we would bring them in the house for him. Lol And he hasnt sat on Santa since he was a baby… It’s scary to him, and I can’t really justify encouraging him to sit on a stranger’s lap!


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and share your experience and thoughts here. I am truly grateful. I was also raised to understand Christ’s story at Christmas, but I still lost some trust in my parents for the lie about Santa and it confused me for a while about which ‘other’ parts of Christmas were lies also. I feel that more and more lately, especially in secular society, there is too little focus on what that day was intended for. I feel that is what the enemy planned all along, as Christmas day would obviously not be one he would be willing to celebrate. Why would he want all children to hear about the baby Jesus every year, so replaced the focus with Santa and the Easter Bunny and used commercialisation and greed to fuel it’s growing momentum. Even though I recognise that families who include Santa are not greedy or commercialised, you see? So sneaky!…I feel strongly that trust can be broken so easily and while I do respect each parents choices and reasoning, I was called to shine some light into the thinking behind it all. It is difficult to be one that goes against the flow but I feel it is important. Thanks so much for dropping by.. Blessings to you!


      • I can definitely see your point. I remember the time I realized Santa wasn’t real as well, and it was embarrassing! (I was wearing a sweatshirt that said “I believe in Santa” and a classmate called me out… “You don’t REALLY think there’s a Santa, do you?!” Noooo… not anymore…) We have already told him that Santa isn’t a real person, because he does get so freaked out about it! I also though don’t want MY son to be the one to be the one to embarrass other children by saying, “Santa isn’t real!!” You know what I mean??? How do we avoid that, since our choices aren’t always the same as others?


      • Hmmm it is tricky and I went through a tough situation with this very thing. When my daughter asked me to tell her the truth about Santa she was 6. Now I had never told her Santa was coming or sat her on his knee etc but other people did, it is a world wide lie. I just didn’t say anything and kept the focus on Christ at Christmas. At 6 I explained the story of Saint Nicholas and how Santa became a story following on from that. But I told her very clearly that it is not fair for her to ruin the traditions of other families so to keep this information to herself, which she did all year. The following year some kids were talking about Santa and trying to convince my daughter that Santa is in fact real and that she was ridiculous for not believing in him. So she told them about Saint Nick. That afternoon I got a call from a friend who said her child had come home asking if Santa was dead and his little sister heard it and began screaming “Oh What Santa’s DEAD!!” Ok not my finest moment I was furious with my daughter, but it really wasn’t her fault. I was angry with her because it is hard for me to make my beliefs effect anothers choices. After I thought about it and I realised that I have a right to my own choices and what I teach my kids and if parents really want to lie to their kids they can just say. She won’t get presents for not believing (You know we are so good at finding excuses to facilitate any lie) but there are many varieties of belief in a multicultural society and I knew kids that were Jehovah’s Witness when we were kids who didn’t celebrate Christmas at all I didn’t let it cloud my thoughts of Santa. Its a bit like God. Some believe and so find his help and comfort, some don’t. It annoys me that the world is trying to force our hand to lie to our kids and tack on the guilt that we would be destroying other childrens dreams by not going along with it. We can pick and choose what traditions to uphold. We can pick our own beliefs, we can pick and choose our own manners to teach and discipline to apply. God gave us free will and I will stand up for my right to be honest with my kids. It means more to me than what someone elses kid thinks. Besides, we can’t protect the feelings of every other child, we can only protect our own, those who are lied to will find out the truth eventually, whether it was from your child or not. I would love to know what you decide. Blessings to you my Dear Sister!


      • Very tricky indeed. See, and that’s the problem that I struggle with too. We do give presents from “Santa” but there isn’t much talk about him otherwise. The focus is much more so on “Baby Jesus.” But I don’t want to tell my son the truth, only to ask him to lie to his friends and classmates. So I see what you mean about it being a tricky situation… I don’t want phone calls or Facebook messages from upset moms and dads either! One of my son’s best buddies is a Jehovah’s Witness (and I used to study with them when I was in high school, so I know much about them, and they are great Christians… I totally support that friendship!), but the others may be an issue. BUT I love your point about not being able to protect the feelings of every child, and what kind of message does THAT send to our kids, if we are willing to lie just for the sake of society?? Isn’t that what we are up against as Christians already, so why make it harder on them? Hmm… I’m still undecided on what to do. We haven’t brought up the big red guy yet, so I think I will pray about it and hopefully reach a decision before Santa starts getting attention again this year! Do you give exchange gifts from each other at Christmas? I’ve always been taught that we are to be “giving” year-round, but that Christmas has always been a special time for that. I think that’s the hardest part to give up (and why I never could fully become a Jehovah’s Witness). Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me!! Blessings to you as well, dear lady. 🙂


      • Yes we are up against the world as Christians anyway, That is so true and so I feel we are preparing them young by not encouraging the flow of the rest. I should clarify I didn’t ask my daughter to lie. I just told her to keep the truth to herself and to avoid conversations about Santa. I may not have liked the phone call from the friend’s Mum, but not because her kids were upset. I didn’t like it because I reacted so terribly to my little girl, which I will never do again. I learned a valuable lesson that day, that we need to stick together and that I will always have my child’s back if she is facing opposition for her faith. This was honestly my lowest point as a parent and If I had it to do over, I would have just laughed at the mum and said “oh kids…” lol. “She’s a good girl, and you are entitled to teach your kids what ever you want and I will do the same”. Instead I spent the night apologising to my daughter for turning on her and getting angry at her, and have made every attempt to make it up to her since.
        As for presents, yes we always give them and tag them from Mum & Dad, and encourage a generous heart (Yet I have many strong feelings against the excess and expectations of it all). Other people, friends etc have put presents under our tree from ‘Santa’ and I’m just as surprised as they are, so it slipped through fairly undramatically. But if your child comes to you and asks about Santa, I feel that shows they are ready to stop the ruse and willing to accept the truth, and deserve to hear it.
        You know this is what annoys me about all this Santa talk. Why should we have to be here discussing ways to cope with a world wide lie forced upon our children? What actual good does Santa give a child that we are taking away from them? If they want to expand their imagination and believe in something, then there are plenty of Bible stories that will do that. Stuff what the rest of the world does, lets show our kids that it’s ok to be different from everyone else. P.s. My daughter absolutely loved this poem. It is another way I can show her that I have her back on this. Thanks so much for the fantastic discussion on this matter. I appreciate it so much. 🙂


      • Oh, surely I appreciate more than you. Those are all such good points for me to take away as a Christian mama. 🙂 I think I will try to let the Santa thing go this year, and if he brings it up, then I will be honest. I love that you said you encourage a “generous heart” (thinking back to your post for your bday and all the random acts of kindness!). You’re a wonderful mama, by the way. Your post on “painful truth” got me thinking more about this Santa thing too. I don’t think it had an effect on my Christianity growing up, nor my relationship with my parents (although I may have been embarrassed to find out the way that I did, instead of it coming from them), but I can certainly see how it COULD effect those things, and I wouldn’t want either for my son. Honesty really is best! 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to teach me your values and pass them on to others. It’s so important as Christians that we lift each other up in this way.


      • Thank you for such a kind, humbling compliment…. Honestly, I am so very grateful for this chat. I could sprout ideas left, right and centre, both day and night, and they would mean nothing if not received by someone else. By reading and taking the time to comment back and too with me in such a way, to really get to the bottom of an issue which is so close to my heart, it is such a huge blessing to me. I can’t thank you enough. You are a true joy my Christian Sister! 🙂


      • I know exactly what you mean. The ideas that we share just float around in space until someone comes along to suck it up. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.


  7. sharonjudah said,

    Your poem is beautiful and I can totally relate to the sentiment behind it as I too, was shocked to find that not only did my mom lie to me but that the WHOLE WORLD was in on that lie! How can you totally trust anyone again?

    Now years later (and I mean YEARS as I am 55…lol) I have come to realize that Christmas itself is a lie as well as Easter. If we follow the Bible we are told to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (when Yahshua/Jesus was born) and the Passover (when Yahshua/Jesus died). Christmas and Easter are not anything more than pagan celebrations in honor of Nimrod and Semiraimas (also know as the Queen of Heaven). Please watch this video for all the facts. This is NOT my video and I gain nothing by you watching it, except maybe a crown in heaven for spreading Yahweh’s truth:)

    I hope this blesses someone.


    • Thank you for dropping in to read and comment on my blog. And thanks for the link. Blessings to you!


  8. GodGirl said,

    Wow, what truth in this poem. It’s amazing how we justify telling lies to our children for the sake of “Christmas fun”. Timely thoughts in the lead-up to the Season.


    • Hi God Girl! I appreciate your encouragement in this issue. I have felt strongly in this way for many years and really wanted to share my feelings in a post. I knew as I began to right the first draft that it was too conflicting and drawn out to encourage my readers to read to the end. So I sat and meditated and prayed for a way to share these ideas in a novel way, to generate some thought and this is what I was inspired to write. His gets the glory Amen! 🙂 Blessings to you!


  9. Vicki said,

    awesome! I am very thankful to have found your blog.


    • Hi Vicki, I am very glad that you stopped by to read and comment. I hope you find some inspiration and give your faith a drink too. 🙂 Blessings to you!


  10. reneeboomer said,

    Very interesting post. 🙂


    • Thank you for reading… It’s a subject very dear to my heart and I wrote this with much prayer and trepidation. I appreciate your comment. 🙂


      • reneeboomer said,

        You’re most welcome. I could tell you wrote it with great thought and yes ‘prayer’ and guidance. Good for you. 🙂


      • Thank you I am humbled by that deeply. 🙂


      • reneeboomer said,

        You’re so welcome. oops…meant to write, “great thought”.. I am proud to say I am an excellent speller. 🙂


      • Lol I can see that hahaha …I fixed it 😉


  11. coastalmom said,

    My mom didn’t teach me about the Easter Bunny because she felt the same way… it was too special of an event to mar with such silliness… I still got the obligatory basket filled with a chocolate bunny etc…. But great poem! Great thought provoking rhymes more powerful than you realize…Good job!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I give my girls chocy eggs on Easter Sunday too.. But we read the crucifixion story from their childrens Bible and have Bread and Wine or grape juice. So they understand. We always cry. You and your mum are right, it is too important to mar with silliness. Thank you so much for dropping in. Blessings to you!


  12. Karen said,

    You’re a courageous woman! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the other child said “Santa is DEAD?”

    The walk of Truth is treacherous! Esp. in parenting! Thank you for sharing your story about a choice facing every new parent. Christ’s peace!


    • Lol…. I dont feel very courageous, but then God’s strength is perfected in my weakness. 😀 This subject is extremely important to me. I am so grateful for the Blogosphere, a place to share and discuss all the important subjects. Thank you for your support. Blessings to you!


  13. Planting Potatoes said,

    amen…thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!


  14. Reblogged this on Joyfully Submitted and commented:
    With the majority of us celebrating Christmas in just 2 days, this is a very fitting post. A wonderfully worded poem that will once again shout to believers “Thou shall not lie”. Santa does nothing but steal the focus from the Savior. Commit to telling your children the truth, especially surrounding CHRISTmas and the birth of CHRIST.


  15. […] I hope you enjoyed this poem, perhaps you would also like the one I wrote at Christmas. Here is the link in case you missed it A Poem of Christmas Woe. […]


  16. Here is our family’s testimony on Christmas…



    And my favorite link on santa:
    Scroll down on the link and see the comparison chart, between the God of the bible, and the myths of men. I was shocked when I read this!

    My daughter was one who revealed the truth of santa to her friends in her bible class. The kids had been upset with ‘santa’ not fulfilling all their wishes, and they wanted to know why my daughter was so quiet about the topic. So she told them that santa was not real, and then told them about a man called Saint Nicholas who lived many many years ago. They promptly told her she was a liar and to ‘just shut up’. Which, sad to say, she did.

    Shalom and blessings to you,
    C. Dunamis


    • Yes my Daughter was caught in that same crossfire also. It is very sad that we are being forced to fit into an uncomfortable box that the world has dictated we must. For those of us who break out it is a constant recital of why we don’t want to celebrate ‘their’ way, why we believe what we do and helping our children cope with being so different from all of their friends! It is tough indeed! The enemy has so much to answer for & I personally can’t wait for the day we can watch him get whats coming to him! I have read the two posts you linked to before and agree with your perspective. Thanks for dropping by, Blessings to you!


  17. Reblogged this on Inner Angels & Enemies and commented:

    Santa, Christmas trees, excess, overload are things that hurt my heart at Christmas. As I walk around my daily life at this time of year, nothing reminds me of the wonderful joyful time of celebrating the Birth of Our Saviour. I hope you all have a safe and merry time praising the Name of Our Lord this Christmas. Blessings to you!


  18. […] the enemy is in full force against believers who spread the true message of Christ and reject the Santa myth. Thankfully, true to form God’s word always gives guidance and weapons to wage war against […]


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