Gaining Help from Above – Connection*

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Don’t you just love how a new connection with someone can bring some clarity and meaning to your world? I have made many wonderful new connections in the Blogosphere and I am so grateful for you all. For the first time in my faith walk I feel more connected to the (too often divided) ‘Body of Christ’ than I had been able to perceive before. I feel greatly blessed by that.

I have also made a few new connections in the ‘real world’ recently as well. I love how people challenge me to wrap my head around their unique perspectives, established by their own personal journey, and yet also how many common elements we share.

How awesome is our Lord to be able to create such different and individual experiences, yet still bring us across people we share so much common ground with! It blows my mind!

I was sharing recently with one of these ‘new connections’ and was grateful for the honest way she opened her heart to me. I felt it may have been unfamiliar for her to share her weaknesses without fear of judgment or condemnation.

This world teaches us very quickly to hide our imperfections from others, yet when we share them in a safe place, the deep affiliation felt can be extremely healing.

After some time spent sharing, she asked me about the most priceless connection anyone can ever make: She asked…

“What can I do to gain help and guidance from God?”

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to realise how complex this question is, yet I softened my heart to her situation and tried to remember what it was that struck a chord within my own heart before I let God take more control of my life. I spoke for a few minutes about a number of things, which I can hardly recall to share here, however after I left her I found a still, small voice adding to our conversation in my thoughts. So I decided to let it flow out into the Blogosphere.

I hope that in my response I spoke to her about the limits we place on God. We often assume that He is simply too busy to be bothered with the details of our personal lives. We imagine Him as very far off, we don’t see much opportunity to reach Him and make contact. When the truth is that He is pressing up against our lives, closer than you or I can imagine, waiting patiently to connect with us. Without previous awareness of His involvement in our lives, or an experiential spiritual perspective, it can be difficult to know how or if He can even help us.

So in order to genuinely connect with God, first we need to recognise that He is abundant and has NO LIMITS, we simply can’t conceive that in it’s entirety from our human mind. It is a humbling event to acknowledge that we do not know how much He knows, or why He does what He does and doesn’t do, or how many arrangements He has made behind the scenes of our lives, setting up every situation to encourage us to a place of soft-hearted humility so we will be more open to Him and His will. We can speculate and study, we can debate and discuss theology, we can assume and guess, we can war and argue, but we are unable to completely understand as long as we are trapped by the limited mindset of humanity. It is hard to comprehend His intense love for us and His unlimited power, because we are trying to expand our thoughts to a point which we have no mind power to reach. It takes much more than knowledge or understanding, it takes Faith!

We often become very confused about God because we have so many mis-perceptions of sin and forgiveness, blame and innocence, which we let distance us from Him, and we regularly miss the subtle yet more important reasons for any feelings of distance… For instance, when we try to be our own ‘God’ by holding tight control, rather than trusting Him with the choices and direction of our lives. Or when we hold bitterness towards Him for our own, and the rest of the world’s, suffering. Without any understanding of the systems outside our physical lives that are being empowered for our own good in the long term, in other words, our salvation and spiritual position. We let that bitterness become our reasoning not to trust Him….

We take away His power when we think we understand more than we do and believe we have enough will-power to not need to rely on Him.

We believe quotes that claim ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’, yet we get angry at God when it is hard.

An imperative aspect to gaining Christ-likeness is the willingness to suffer for moments in our lifetime and trust that there are reasons we do not yet understand. Better that, than risk losing our possible position in an eternity of basking in the awesome presence and love of the Almighty, due to our own gall.

St. Anselm of Canterbury wrote –

“I do not seek to understand in order that I may believe… but I believe in order to understand.”

Here is the link to the next post in this series…There’s much more to Gaining Help from Above….



  1. This post was spectacular!! Sounds like a book!


    • Wow, what a lovely compliment! 🙂 Thank you so much… I am glad you liked it. Blessings to you!


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    Due to circumstances outside my control I have been away from the Blogosphere for some time. Yet I really felt I wanted to recap on the series I wrote a while back Gaining Help From Above. It seems to be a common theme around me recently. I hope you enjoy it, and get as much from it as I needed this week. Blessings to you!


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