The Journey of Gaining Help from Above

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I’m not going to lie to you, It has been a tough couple of weeks. It took a lot of pouring out my faith to write (and publish) the series ‘Gaining Help from Above’. Draining my faith like that often leaves me vulnerable, I want to withdraw, to protect my exposed soul. If I engage too deeply with another I am often touchy and defensive. My guard shoots back up, because I don’t like the feeling of being exposed, even though I accept that it is worthwhile in order to obey and reach the next phase in my faith walk towards being useful for my Father in Heaven.

I want to set aside this vulnerability and regain some clarity and security in the familiar, the routine, my comfort zone. Yet I still feel pulled to finish off this series with a neat bow, and get back to writing one-off posts, the ones that I am “more comfortable” with, (I know, I am so soft! πŸ˜‰ ).

While writing this series I found myself wanting to repeat words I have written before, and memories of each stage in my faith walk came flooding back to light. I have become overwhelmed by how long it will take me to finish sharing.Β  There is so much to the task of gaining help from above, more and more insights kept filling my heart as I tried to reach the light at the end of this series. Then I realised that gaining help from above is not a one series wonder, it is a daily walk, not a one time deal. It takes commitment, it takes discipline, it takes a heart willing to soften each day. It takes a daily prayer, asking The Lord to make a home for Himself in our hearts.

So to wrap up this series I am going to set my readers up with a few links to help them keep on trekking toward their goal of a ‘God inspired’ existence. These are some resources to help those of you who are interested in expanding your insights, to make further steps onto a path of research. There are some of my own previous posts which cover areas I believe are crucial to the authenticity of a relationship with God, and also some links to the Bible teachers who have inspired and filled my soul more times than I can count.

I hope you receive much filling of your own soul from these links and I wish you all the best of feeling God’s love and strength as you continue forward on a journey to righteousness and peace. It goes without saying that I will continue to share more of my stories and perceptions here at Inner Angels and Enemies, so I hope you stick around for those.

God…Really? – Sometimes it is hard to tell whether we are being directed by God, another ‘human’, the enemy, or our merely our own thoughts. This post shines a light on these issues, and the falsehood often found in religiosity.

β€œWhen Will We Feel Good Enough Already?”… This post outlines a perspective of how to identify our feelings of a lack of worth, our toxic ‘good intentions’, and our pride, to understand how these distances us from God, and how our humility brings us closer to Him. God blessed me with a word the day I wrote this post, and I hope it will continue to bless others as much as writing it did for me.

The Two Voices of Guilt – Even after we receive forgiveness and salvation through faith we can still battle against guilty feelings. I touch on this issue in this post.

Confessions – Read along as I list my confessions and accept The Lord’s blessing of forgiveness from them. I am certain many will be able to relate.

Dr Michael Youssef – Leading the Way My Dad put me onto this guy and he has a way of simplifying and reinforcing the principles of God. He makes me laugh and grow every time I watch him…This is not milk for babies, he speaks the meat of the word, it will fill all.

Beth Moore – Life TodayΒ  The first time I heard Beth Moore speak I cried like a baby in the Lord’s arms. Her passions for The Lord inspires me, her humility moves me, her wisdom convicts me and her love for all is a true blessing.


Thank you to all who encouraged me throughout this series, I truly appreciate it. I pray for all of us to find the love inside that God has for us and for us to finally be fulfilled and at peace in His presence. Blessings to All!



  1. Blessings to you!


    • Thank you Kristin. Always love getting blessings, thanks for reading and commenting, much blessing right there! πŸ™‚


  2. Beth Moore also inspires me!


  3. Thank you for the book suggestions and synopses. I wish I had read this post before I placed today’s Amazon order!!! (smile) I am especially interested in the first two!


    • Hi Ranthegauntlet and thanks for dropping by. I should clarify that the first four links are previous posts (rather than books) that I have written. And the last two are links to free video streaming for both teachers. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts if you look into them further. Blessings to you!


  4. I followed your links above. Oh my! I have sought God most of my life, but have stumbled in faith because of too many misuses of scripture, judgments, condemnations by MANY Christians, who I took to represent Him and to be more spiritual than me, since they could “hear” Him and I could not. Through years in a psychologically abusive marriage, I tried sincerely understand and obey the teachings of the Bible, (reading it as you do, and also twice start to finish) with and without others’ teachings, and have to just leave it and “churchianity” alone for a while. My acquired mistrust and confusion run too deep. But I AM listening for God. I never gave myself permission to believe that the Word is SUPPOSED to say different things for different people/times. How freeing! I seek faith (your definition), and relationship with God and humans who encourage me by their real faith – and who bear GOOD fruit. Your posts and the responses ring so true, and are very comforting.

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    • Your comment sent me into a state if hysteria and tears! I am so sorry that you have pursued God so hard and found the counterfeit so many times! It breaks my heart because I spent years misunderstanding the truth until I let my Dad shine some light on it for me. Religiosity is not faith! It is Division and Arguments and WAR. It is so easy to doubt and question! Seek deep into your heart and let NO ONE challenge or undermine what you KNOW to be TRUE!! God lives inside us, His voice is quiet and we know without a shadow of a doubt that it is Him when we hear it. The problem is we can’t understand why WE were chosen to hear it. Our self doubt makes us question Him! I pray you come to a place where you know that you know that you know that you are His! And that He has GOT YOU! Thank you so much for sharing in your comment, I really needed it Today! Blessings to you!


  5. Thank you for your reply! I know nothing, but feel and think much. And hope for more as I cultivate a still heart, away from the war. Blessings to you as well!


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    The final post of the series, sums it up and offers some links to keep striving forward in faith. Blessings to you all!


  7. […] our Lord. Just writing it is reinforcing my own walk, so thank you for letting me share it here. Here is the link to the final post in this series. Blessing to […]


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