Loud Lies (a poem)

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Why so loud?

Valuing some quiet,

Pursuing it,

Yet it eludes me.


Conflicting advisers,

Explaining who to be.

Adds insult to injury,

Until I’m more unsure of me.


Am I a foreign concept

While I’m being me?

I know that I am,

Distracted easily.


Bouncing along, higher now.

Laughing loudly,


My grip slips.


Things around begin to spin.

Up could even be down.

Where to grab on?

What is truth?


Reach out blindly, and grab,

This feels real.

But no, it’s only lying again.

Reality comes with a Slap!


Face full of dirt again,

Sheepish from the deceptions.

Retreat, withdraw,  until,

I am filled once more with truth.


  1. sharonjudah said,

    WOW! I can relate and its going to get even more so sadly in the coming days. GREAT word pictures! Blessings sister:)


    • Thank you Sister… It is comforting to know others can relate. The amount of deception that is flooding this world astounds me… It’s amazing that anyone trusts anything anymore. God’s creation, us, therefore also astounds me. Our capacity to keep loving, keep trusting, keep reaching out in faith and keep our sanity (well sometimes anyway lol)….WOW Indeed. Thanks for your comment. Blessings to you!


  2. Wonderful poem! So true to what I feel and experience. Thank you for sharing it!!!


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