A Focused Mind, I Pray*

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In a recent post, I wrote about the new found blessing of feeling more present. I finally got to enjoy the usually unpleasant, even dreaded (for me anyway) Christmas Season, by slowing down and staying in the moment.

Each year I take videos of the rituals and gatherings, and I take lots of photos, hoping to capture the joy of the season. I guess it’s ironic that this year I took no photos or videos of our Christmas traditions, and none of the many gatherings we attended. However, I felt like I was there more, as if I had longer in these moments. I could actually be joyful rather than look for joy to grasp onto.

I took time to be present. I watched my daughter’s fingers fumbling with the sticky tape as they opened their gifts, I tasted the wonderful food, I tried new flavours and turned them over in my mouth more consciously. I watched my family and friends more closely, and strangely, I watched myself watching them.

I am not one to make New Years Resolutions as there are always many things I hope to work on each day, let alone each year. However I feel this one may be important enough to make note of…. To infuse as a theme for the whole year.

My mind is fast, my therapist says its super fast, everything whizzes around in there at top speed (usually accompanied by my mouth). Therefore, I want to meditate and be present more, I would love to become good enough at meditating and slowing my thoughts, that I can become friends with that elusive gift of focus.

This year I have written some of my best work while attempting to meditate, this is the writing I am most happy with, the stuff I can’t wait to share with others. Ideas for the new chapters of my novel (which I usually find extremely difficult to write) have flowed fluently from a place of quiet mindfulness. During this state of meditation, I pray and ask for inspiration, and it usually comes, and if it doesn’t, I am relaxed and so not as worried about it.

Another element I am trying to apply to my life through meditation, is a calmer approach to parenting. While in a meditative state I imagine the day-to-day trials I face with my children and I imagine my meditated-self reacting in less anxious ways. It has helped me lessen my over-reactions to a certain degree and I am intent on developing this more.

I watched a TED talk recently (I know right, I’m addicted), the speaker gave some fabulous tips on what meditation actually is, and the reasons we should all try to adopt it into our lives. If you too want to be more present and stress free in your thought life, I recommend you watch the link below. Then grab a relaxation CD and keep practicing. It is hard at first (tears flowed during my first attempt because my mind just would not slow down at all, sometimes I played the CD 4 times in a row just to get closer to a relaxed state of mind) Like anything new, it takes practice, however the results are definitely worth it.

I pray the Lord helps me achieve more present mindfulness, so that I may write for Him, complete His book, and fulfill my role as a wife & mum as best I can. With Christ’s strength everything is possible…



  1. So glad you enjoyed Christmas and are able to be more present in the moment. It’s so important to do so, says I while struggle to do the same…


    • Thanks so much Diana, and Yes, I agree. I can write nice posts about my successes in this area, but I would be kidding myself and you all, if I made out it wasn’t a struggle….and still is.. 🙂 Blessings to you!


  2. This is so real. Me, too…the thoughts, the attempts at meditation, the good effects of doing so. Your post feels like I had a talk with a friend! And, thank you for sharing the link! I need to learn to do this better. Blessings, Diane


    • Thank you for sharing your heart with me in your comment. It is always comforting to find another who can relate. I’m so glad you watched the link, I found it so simply put, easy to grasp and encouraging. Praying we both find success at getting better at these tasks. Blessing to you dear Sister!


  3. mindfuldiary said,

    Great post! Thanks for the share. Great you enjoyed your Christmas more and are able to enjoy everyday also more. I found it the hardest to stay present during those parent moments, when I know I need to start counting to 10 in my head, just to stay calm. I started seeing that my reaction to their cry for example, was really my own discomfort, and my reaction often was about that, rather than anything else. When I realized that, my reactions lessened. 🙂 Although I still loose it, hey Rome was not built overnight, right?!


    • Thank you for your great comment. I am right there with you. I have had a number of realisations recently in relation to my parenting reactions. Some that I am deeply ashamed of, but similar to yours in that my reaction to them was less about what goes on with them and more about my own discomfort, and yes of once I made the discovery, I can already see a change beginning. I have been given some techniques to try to undo some of the damage that may have been caused, which I will detail more in my next post. I just need to find the courage to hit publish, as it is extremely close to the bone for me. Thanks for stopping by, Blessings to you!


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  5. chere said,

    Love this….and I LOVE TED talks, too! 🙂


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