Just Playing Your Role*

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One of the concepts my Dear Departed Dad always used to explain to me, has come back to me recently. It’s as though he still helping me, even after his passing.

Back when he was still around, and I was struggling to keep the faith and stay on track, He always had a phrase of comfort, or a story with stability to ground me. During series of events that made me freak out with fear and dread, events that set off all my triggers of my psychological issues, when I was filled with self-condemnation and depression etc. He knew exactly what to say to provide the support that I needed.

This is another one of his concepts that has come back into my recollection…

“Life is a play, earth is the stage. You are merely playing your role. What you face here and how you must react to it will not last forever. You are just up on stage reciting the lines, responding to the actors, the director and the plot. This is not your permanent place, this is a stepping stone to the next place. Just hold on, play the best part you can, and know that when the curtain drops it will all be over and you will never have to play that role again.”

Does that resonate with you as much as it does me?

If an actor makes a mistake on stage, they just keep going as if nothing happened (yet determined to do better next time). If the audience isn’t paying attention to them they just keep on going, doing their best, the reactions around them hardly effect the play.

In the past it helped me avoid so much dread. It helped me step aside and look at the issues without letting them overwhelm me. How I dearly miss his words of wisdom. I am so grateful that they come back to me like this so I can lean on them once again.

Even though life is tough, and gets to be too much at times, we have also been given some great roles to play that balance out the bad. The times I feel like a good mum, when I play with my girls and nurture them with kindness, approval, affection and attention. As a wife, when I can comfort and support my man. Times I feel completely loved as a child of God, Or am brave enough to share something I created. Amongst gatherings of loved ones filled with laughter and companionship, or as a servant to those in need. Even just the ability to enjoy my own company while staring deep into the blue sky above or a picturesque sunset, or the crashing waves of the ocean.

There are so many fabulous roles for us to play, let’s not allow the harder roles drag us into despair. One day all will be washed new, the curtain will drop on our time here and the next place will be where we can be our true authentic selves, not poisoned by the inner enemies we carry around with us while we are here.

It is just a play and this is just the stage!

end curtain


  1. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing. I have had a recurring dream for years where I am supposed to go on stage but I have not had time to learn my lines, and I am running around like crazy (panic, fear etc…) looking for the script. I end up finding the script just before I go on, and quickly memorize my lines offstage before I complete each scene. I have been trying to figure out what this dream means for the longest time. Even though I’ve heard the lines before “Life is a play, earth is the stage”, and I’ve listened a few times to a talk that speaks about “the roles we play”, I am only now realizing the significance of my dream. Also, I teach piano and I always tell one of my students who has a habit of stopping every time he makes a mistake, to just keep going no matter what, to do his best as you say (love this paragraph in particular). Funny how I was never able to connect the dots for myself before now. Thank you so much for helping this penny to drop! It means a lot. 🙂


    • I am so glad you got something profound from this little post. That is such a blessing to me. I took a few things from your dream, Firstly that you a person aware of your audience (& that those watching you may judge harshly) …Also that you like to be prepared and in control (unfortunately control is an illusion) check out this post https://innerangelsandenemies.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/controlling-lies/
      And finally, that no matter how much you get anxious or panic, it will all work out ok in the end.
      Does any of that resonate with you?
      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Very nice to ‘meet’ you. Blessings to you!


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