Unconditional Love Brings Death

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Blown away by the truth in this post! Think your Born Again? Read this!

The Upside Down World

Unconditional-LoveI’ve come across a number of Christians lately who are questioning the impulse to elevate love above any other concern. Love is too soft and squishy, they say. Love becomes an excuse to avoid hard things like confronting sin and enforcing discipline. One writer even asked if we are in danger of making love an idol. (Perhaps he hasn’t gotten to the part where the bible says that God IS love?!?) 

I have something to tell you about people who say that love is squishy, soft, a cop-out: quite clearly, such a person has never actually attempted to love unconditionally. Loving unconditionally is the hardest thing any human being can ever try to do. Confronting sin? Upsetting friends and family? Setting boundaries and rules? Pffftttt . . . . Those are the simplest, most natural things in the world for the fallen human mind to do. Loving unconditionally? That WILL…

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  1. Very interesting post. I commented on the other blog. Can you elaborate on what you said about “think your born again”. Read this?


    • Hi There Sister, So glad you liked this awesome post!
      As for the Born Again comment, it is a bit hard to explain but this post gives more truth about this process than I have seen in a long time. ..I have witnessed a common misconception within Church teachings that relates to the title “Born Again”. Some teach that when you can speak in tongues after baptism that is the clincher to being Born Again..(which I received the gift of before I was ceremoniously submerged in water anyway) Saying a prayer, and in some cases, being baptised are taught as the only steps into Salvation and the Born Again condition. These steps have their value indeed, but becoming ‘Born Again’ is as it sounds, Death to self, reborn into Christ as a Son of God.. I found saying the prayer, stepping on the escalator to Salvation, was the bottom step on an escalator coming at me, not carrying me forward, and you have to push forward hard at each next step that comes at you, each step representing an new level of faith, a new enemy to overcome, an new level of flesh to die to… I don’t think for one second that it is as simple as it is made out within the church system. In my experience it was a bloody battle, white knuckling through, desperate and mind altering. My Dad taught me through his investigations that there is much more to achieving this title than many are willing to accept. They want the name of being a Son of God without submitting to His Will or adopting His version of LOVE.
      Below is the comment I left on the site of this post which adds to this explanation….
      “This post was amazing! I always felt strangely withdrawn and unbelieving of people who introduced themselves to me as “Born Again Christians” and explain it’s because they had said the sinners prayer and been baptized etc. It made my heart drop because I didn’t know how to explain how very different my experience was. I DIED! Just like you have described here. EVERYTHING that I did not give willingly was taken, EVERYTHING changed and I thought I was losing my mind. I guess in a way I was. Giving up all the lies I have believed up til then, letting go of my misconception of love and making every attempt to learn and demonstrate God’s Love. Then EVERYTHING that I had let go of came back…10 fold! God’s love is the hardest path to find and walk but the most beneficial process ever. Thank you for sharing this terrific post. Blessings to you!”
      I Hope this helps you understand why I made that remark. Blessings to you dear Sister!


      • Yes that helped! Preach it sister!!! Thanks for sharing!


      • Lol. Thanks Honey I will. Can you confirm or deny this perspective in relation to your own experience?


      • While everyone has a different experience, if I understand you correctly, its like you are saying, you are saved but you are “being saved”. I believe like you that saying the “sinners prayer” is like stepping in the door of salvation.. Then begins the process of sanctification and purification. As for being born-again, I am not uncomfortable when people use that phrase, if they are living it. After all in John 3 Jesus said “ye must be born again” so it is attainable. If you asked me if I was born again I would say yes. As for the post on love, again, human love is fallible at best, but the love of God is unconditional. We strive to be like God, but I still believe every human has conditions. Did I understand you correctly? Make sense?


      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, I was interested in your own personal experience with becoming born again. As far as who is saved and who is not, I have no grounds to discern, as only God knows the true hearts of men. He will choose to show mercy or judgement according to His divinity, which I feel we have no place to try to fathom. I do believe there is a Born Again condition and that it is attainable also. I believe I have been through the process too, yet there may be more to it than I have experienced (I do not claim to know the ins and outs of anything). My issue is with the title ‘Born Again’ being handed out willy nilly by the church, without the authority to say so and without the ‘dying’ experience as I have mentioned, and as is mentioned in this article. As for Love, Unconditional love is the goal. I feel we can have no comprehension of the true state of God’s unconditional love while trapped in human form, I think we may come close at times, but think we will be blown away by the awesome experience of it when that day comes. All we can do is try our best to imitate forgiveness and grace as best we can.


      • I agree. Only God knows whether one is saved. Didn’t mean to insinuate otherwise. Fruits are evidence, but I dare not say a person is not saved if they say they are. As for my experience, I was raised in the church but was led to the Lord by my mom. She did that with all of her kids to make certain we accepted Christ. A more defining moment for me is when I was filled with the Holy Spirit. That experience was more profound than my salvation experience. Nothing like feeling the power of God to let you know God is real!!


      • Yes I agree, That was a powerful moment for me too. Knowing that you know, that you really really know is the best feeling on earth. It makes me incredibly sad that some will live their whole lives without ever feeling that certainty. Thanks for sharing xoxo


      • So true. You’re welcome!


  2. WB, sorry it’s taken so long for me to get over here.

    In response to your comment about “born again,” my own take on what is occurring in my life is that yes, I have been born again, but my growth in this new life is still on the level of a toddler, I think. I grasp enough through the Holy Spirit inside of me to want this new life so very deeply, but seeing it lived out on a daily basis can sometimes be frustrating. My steps are shaky and uncertain at times. My progress is that of a turtle, or at a snail’s pace, it often seems to me.

    I don’t move fast enough in Christ’s teachings to satisfy my own heart,but inwardly I know that God is proud of my steps, no matter how faltering they are.

    I’m learning a tremendous amount daily and it is mind boggling. I am born again and the insight of it all is often enough to implode my brain! I’m learning how to love and as you’ve said, the humanity within me makes it difficult. I cannot conceive of really loving and dying to self; it’s a spiritual endeavor and it is happening to me slowly over time, at the pace that God has set for me. Often I cannot even notice the changes, but they *are* occurring, slowly but surely.

    Thanks for inviting me to share, WB. Love you much in Christ,



    • Thank you so much for your humble honesty here Adrienne. I also feel as you do. It is not an easy road to walk out of humanity into righteousness. We all falter, if we didn’t we would have no need for such enormous grace from our Father. We must keep on… Yes…however slowly. Much love & blessings to you Sister. Xx


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