Gaining Help From Above – Control*

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Control is an illusion and I am sure that even when we get everything we think we want it turns out to be too good to be true. This post helps us see how to accept God’s will, which is better than good and always true!

Inner Angels & Enemies

When I was a young single Mum, before I began deepening my relationship with God, I found myself bouncing from one relationship to another. I was hunting desperately for that one man who would fulfill my dreams of a united family, and a stable home for me and my daughter, a nice yard with a fence where she could play, and maybe a dog. You know the ‘typical’ family life, a life I had been dreaming of since my parents split up when I was a young girl.

I was in a relationship with a man, we did not live together, and after 2 years I was frustrated. I had pinned so many hopes on him, hoping he would want the same things as me. No matter how much I forced discussions about our future he always seemed to change the subject, or speak in vague riddles. Eventually, after long…

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Gaining Help from Above – Security*

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We all experience fear at times, many are irrational, many are justified. This post reminds us that out security is with the Lord, putting our fears into His hands is a sure way to gain help from above. Enjoy

Inner Angels & Enemies


Right back to my youngest memory, the theme of my life seemed to revolve around a panicked hunger for security. I was very fearful in my youth, I sucked my thumb until I was an adult, but I haven’t yet mentioned my security blanket. A pillowcase in fact.

There was no chance, no how, no way for me to go to sleep without it, EVER! Up until age 23, yes you read that right, 23! I was consumed by the feeling of the selvedge tickling the webbing between each finger as I sucked on my thumb, distracting me from my fears, feeling a wave of comfort wash over me as I held it over my head and let it lightly drift over my face, back and to. I will never forget how much I relied upon that simple piece of cloth, how it called out to me in moments…

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Gaining Help from Above – Accepting an Encounter*

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May this second post in the series bless you and give you a new level of relationship with our Almighty Father in Heaven. Blessings to you!

Inner Angels & Enemies

This is the second post in the series ‘Gaining Help from Above’, please check out the introduction post if you haven’t already.

Accepting an encounter with God, changes not only our level of faith and our perspective in many areas of life. It is the first element in the foundation of our relationship with Him. This is vital if our faith is going to stand against the many trials it is sure to endure, right up until we reach the potential that God has in store for us.

From the age of 6, I spent a couple of years attending a Baptist Church with my family. I could recite scriptures and knew exactly what to say to my Dad and our Pastor or other members of the church when asked about Jesus, sin, or stories from the Bible. Yet I can’t recall any encounters with God from that time. Honestly…

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Gaining Help from Above – Connection*

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Due to circumstances outside my control I have been away from the Blogosphere for some time. Yet I really felt I wanted to recap on the series I wrote a while back Gaining Help From Above. It seems to be a common theme around me recently. I hope you enjoy it, and get as much from it as I needed this week. Blessings to you!

Inner Angels & Enemies

Don’t you just love how a new connection with someone can bring some clarity and meaning to your world? I have made many wonderful new connections in the Blogosphere and I am so grateful for you all. For the first time in my faith walk I feel more connected to the (too often divided) ‘Body of Christ’ than I had been able to perceive before. I feel greatly blessed by that.

I have also made a few new connections in the ‘real world’ recently as well. I love how people challenge me to wrap my head around their unique perspectives, established by their own personal journey, and yet also how many common elements we share.

How awesome is our Lord to be able to create such different and individual experiences, yet still bring us across people we share so much common ground with! It blows my mind!

I was sharing…

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