Gaining Help from Above – Connection*

Posted in Encouragement, Finding Faith at 9:33 am by The Water Bearer

Due to circumstances outside my control I have been away from the Blogosphere for some time. Yet I really felt I wanted to recap on the series I wrote a while back Gaining Help From Above. It seems to be a common theme around me recently. I hope you enjoy it, and get as much from it as I needed this week. Blessings to you!

Inner Angels & Enemies

Don’t you just love how a new connection with someone can bring some clarity and meaning to your world? I have made many wonderful new connections in the Blogosphere and I am so grateful for you all. For the first time in my faith walk I feel more connected to the (too often divided) ‘Body of Christ’ than I had been able to perceive before. I feel greatly blessed by that.

I have also made a few new connections in the ‘real world’ recently as well. I love how people challenge me to wrap my head around their unique perspectives, established by their own personal journey, and yet also how many common elements we share.

How awesome is our Lord to be able to create such different and individual experiences, yet still bring us across people we share so much common ground with! It blows my mind!

I was sharing…

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  1. graciehill48 said,

    I share the same sense with you that often my contacts in cyber “church” are more in tune with the Spirit’s flow than those in the physical church. I gain so much encouragement from the word and each other here. Glad to see you are back. Pray all is well with you, if not, that our Lord will encourage you and lift you up. love you


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