Gaining Help from Above – Security*

Posted in Encouragement, Finding Faith at 8:57 am by The Water Bearer

We all experience fear at times, many are irrational, many are justified. This post reminds us that out security is with the Lord, putting our fears into His hands is a sure way to gain help from above. Enjoy

Inner Angels & Enemies


Right back to my youngest memory, the theme of my life seemed to revolve around a panicked hunger for security. I was very fearful in my youth, I sucked my thumb until I was an adult, but I haven’t yet mentioned my security blanket. A pillowcase in fact.

There was no chance, no how, no way for me to go to sleep without it, EVER! Up until age 23, yes you read that right, 23! I was consumed by the feeling of the selvedge tickling the webbing between each finger as I sucked on my thumb, distracting me from my fears, feeling a wave of comfort wash over me as I held it over my head and let it lightly drift over my face, back and to. I will never forget how much I relied upon that simple piece of cloth, how it called out to me in moments…

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