A Grieving Heart**

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In memory of my Dear Dad…. It has been 4 years this week since Dad went to the next place. Until we meet again. Much Love. xoxo P.s. The book was wonderful! Blessings to all!

Inner Angels & Enemies

Until the passing of my Dad from cancer a couple of years ago I had not previously suffered the loss of anyone who was extremely close to my heart. It was such a shock to my inner spirit, even though I consciously knew it was coming, I had no idea how I would handle the grief of such a loss.

He was the most spiritually-powerful person in my life who would fervently pray for me when I was too deep in my own weakness to pray for myself, which of course was when I needed it the most. He was my mentor, my confidant and my friend and the hole he left in my life is proving to be extremely hard to fill.

I guess I am lucky in the sense that he helped me to build such intensely strong beliefs, and somewhat of an understanding of the spiritual realm…

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  1. Good post. I can so identified with your loss. When I loss my mom, I had never loss anyone that close other than my grandmother. It’s been years and I miss her but I am happy for her because she is not here. We have to believe! 🙂


    • Thank you for you compassion Dear Sister. Sorry for your loss. I am also happy that my Dad is free from the shakles this world binds us up with. He was loosing his desire to stay here for many years. Desperately wanted Gods presence permanently. So I am glad for him. Still looking forward to sharing eternity witg him. Blessings to you!


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