Are You Chasing People Away?

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Before I began blogging, I was disheartened by the lack of people who I could interact with, who pursued a genuine relationship with Christ and God. A rare gem, to discover another person who accepted the way I experienced God. I have a few gems in my life, luckily. Yet I always searched, yearning for more. I was blessed to stumble across many of you who fellowship with me in such a loving supportive way.

Before blogging I found many religious people who knew the scriptures inside and out, who called themselves “Born Again”, but after time they mostly wanted to argue their interpretation and seemed unable or unwilling to accept the personal relationship that I was developing with my Heavenly Father. They tried to direct my path with many different scriptures, expecting me to apply them to my current situation, instead of trusting God to reveal His Word and His Will to me as I walked by His side, under His direction.

Like many others, I found myself directed away from their rigid, graceless, control. I pulled back from their judgmental condemnation of my imperfections or my choices. I didn’t want to draw nearer, rather wanted to protect my fragile heart from their looks of disdain and disapproval as I confessed my daily struggles with the flesh.

How many of us have had people knock on our door, claiming to have the one right way to be saved, the only way, according to them? I have had many. The most recent wasn’t satisfied with my confession of love and devotion to God and His Son. He kept trying to trip me up with vague questions, ones which he had carefully selected the only answer he would accept. For every scripture he threw in my face I gave him back three to think on. Yet he was unwilling to accept me. I was standing in my own home being berated and dismissed by someone who claimed to be encouraging me towards God. Needless to say I informed him of this and sent him on his way with love….. No one has been back to encourage me since then.

Over the years I have begun to understand the reason many people can’t accept our daily walk under God’s direction, rather than under their control. I believe it is unfathomable to many, that we might know how to perceive God’s personal instructions. Simply because God has not revealed Himself to them or just because the are not at that stage of faith yet.

The scriptures often contradict each other much of the time, not every scripture applies to every situation. We must be humble and willing enough to let God use them inspirationally to show us His Will for each of us, at each stage of our lives.

No other human being, not one, knows what God has planned for us, except to say He is FOR us! Only we can discover His plan for us through our personal relationship with Him.

No human, not one, knows who God will show mercy and forgiveness to, or who He will reign down His wrath upon.

No human, not one, knows what actions God will choose to forgive and which He will condemn.

These privileges have not been given to us because we are not GOD, who sees into the hearts of His children, and anyone who claims to know these things is simply playing at being God.

The path is narrow, but your narrow path is not my narrow path, God is omnipotent enough to have designed a narrow path for each and every one of us, if we continue to seek it. He didn’t make just one plan and need to make every different amazingly created human to fit into it.

Enough is enough. If you find yourself using scriptures to make someone else feel unworthy and unloved then you may want to ask yourself if you have missed the whole lesson that Christ suffered horrendously to bring us.



So far so good!*

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After years of threatening I have finally done it! Here is the long promised beginnings of my blog.

Now I’m sitting here staring at a blank screen wondering what it is exactly that I have been trying to say all these years. Funny how you can’t shut me up when I’m fighting for the floor, but give me an open and public platform, and it renders me at a loss for words, with nothing seemingly important to say. No deep philosophy to express in English today, perhaps gibberish is my new language?

I guess I could introduce what you can expect should you choose to follow this blog…

My inheritance from my dear departed Dad could be described as somewhat of a deep thinker trait. I do attempt to maintain light conversations however always seem to be pulled to go that step beyond. I have been told I have strong philosophies and perspectives, most of which I feel compelled to share. Insights regarding Human Nature, Faith, Parenting, Mental Health, Spiritual Reality and some of the the Internal Struggles that face many of us who set foot on this planet. I promised my Dad before he died, that I would try and share as much of what he tried to teach me with as many people as possible. His insights completely altered my perspective on every element in my life. I went from being an unaware, emotionally manipulative mess, to being very aware of myself and the mess that usually accompanies me. He also helped me gain the knowledge to clean the mess up and at times even prevent it.

Having had life experiences which could be described as phenomenal, life-changing and worth sharing, I find myself wishing to tackle these subjects, to dissect and better understand them, rather than let the world’s natural current drag me along without any resistance.

If you find yourself searching for a place where you can go that extra step, I hope you like it here, a place to expand the mind and open the gates to explore unfamiliar territory.

Hopefully we can stumble across something mind-blowing together!

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