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I have been tossing a few blogs around trying feel the compulsion to post one of them, I have a few in the pipeline but didn’t feel any of them set the scene quite right.

While folding some washing, listening to my favourite Aussie folk band The Waifs, their fabulous new album aptly named – Temptation, I was pulled into the lyrics of the song titled “Somedays”. I believe that it sums up the feeling of Inner Angels & Enemies perfectly. And while I have not personally entered into an actual 12 step program so far in my life, I can relate to addiction and therapy. The lyrics struck chords in my heart so immensely that I felt I needed to share them. I dedicate this song and blog to my Daddy, who I still miss everyday.

Some days, are just like this

Some days I can’t get my arse out of bed

Some days just drag on and on and on

And one day can feel like a whole lifetime;

Some days I feel like God himself is smiling down upon me

Some days I swear to God the devils got my soul

Some days I fall to that darkness

Some days I crawl from that hole;

Some days I just want to ditch my responsibilities

Leave behind dirty dishes, dirty floors

I got friends and family who love me well, still

Some days I gotta ask what the hell’s it all for;

Some days I just want to walk into the wilderness

The solitude puts my mind at ease

I figure God lives out there somewhere

Some days I need something to believe;

Some days I’m leaning on my twelve step program

Meetings and testimony get me through

Most days I’ve got a drink in my hand, because

Most days I can’t stop thinking about you;

Some days are like this

I’m dragging my feet on the ground

Some days feel like lost time

These are the days

I wish you were still around;

Click below to listen to a live version 


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