Update About The Water Bearer


As Inner Angels and Enemies is about to launch into it’s 5th year, isn’t it about time I gave you all an update on all the excitement this Water Bearer has been busy with?

After many years of writing about mental illness, sharing my deepest, most vulnerable places, and exposing how Angels and Enemies battle within so many of us, I have recently been given a daunting yet exciting new calling!

I am now the founder of a faith-based movement and mindfulness program, designed to help those who suffered with similar conditions as myself. Those with faith in Christ as their Saviour and yet constantly battling the war of physical and mental illness.

I am now a qualified Pilates Instructor plus a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, and have combined these two techniques with scriptures of God’s promises to create a unique ministry called ‘Sanctuary Stretch’.

I can hardly believe how far God has brought me since I began this humble awkward blog 5 years ago, nor can I wrap my mind around the concept that I am about to embark on running my own business. My Heavenly Father truly blows my mind!

As always I am battling my inner enemies that seek to undermine me, or to push me too far ahead. I am reminded that as long as we walk this earth we are at war. Yet I am comforted by scripture and evidence of God’s abundant love. I pray He uses me to bring Him Glory and as an instrument to share His healing love with many.

My God answers prayers and fulfills His Promises!

Thank you to all who gave me compassion and empathy as I poured my heart out here. You encouraged me more than you will ever know. heart-2

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